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The technical aspects of producing a book

Fishing for Stones by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels

I came to writing novels relatively late in life.  I prefer to be self-published

rather than seek a publisher as I can retain full control over my product.

The covers for my first two books were designed by me  using artwork from various sources, all of which are obtained legitimately, which I then modify and credit as required.

I edit as I go along, (a process which is frowned upon by many, but if it works for you, use it.)  Work written the previous day is read through looking for obvious mistakes and ways to improve the text and I use the computer to read it out aloud, which catches many errors the eye skips over. The text is then imported into a fabulous program called Autocrit and checked for grammatical errors amongst the many things Autocrit can achieve. The finished product is forwarded to my editor, Sue Noyes, who then casts herHarry by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels eagle eye over it, returning it to me with suggestions and corrections. Each chapter goes through this process a minimum of three times – quite often more – before the manuscript is complete. The completed manuscript is then subjected to the same process for a final polish.

Once done, the manuscript is exported as a Word document, (I write using a program called Scrivener,) the interiors are then formatted using a guide produced by Jo Roderick, which has proved invaluable. Once this is done and as much stray code  as possible is removed, the Word document is imported into Adobe Acrobat to convert to a PDF file, which is the format my printers require, (the same PDF file is used to produce the eBook.) After reading through a proof copy of the final book, the go ahead is given to the printer and my book is available for sale.

Now you know how I go about the physical aspect of writing my novels, why not have a look at my titles and read an excerpt?

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Fishing for Stones by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels             Harry by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels

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