Fishing for Stones

Fishing for Stones by Glen R StansfieldFishing for Stones

1990. When Steve Hayling learns of a diamond deal taking place in the Scottish Highlands, he comes up with an audacious plan to steal them. He and his close friend, Andy Mannion, risk their lives to snatch the stones from under the noses of a London gangster and a Major from a rebel army. Close on their heels is DCI MacIntyre of the Grampian Police. What could possibly go wrong? Taking place against the backdrop of a country torn apart by civil war, and the beauty of the Scottish wilderness, the action reaches a surprising conclusion. There can only be one winner. Or can there?



4th April 1990, Wapping, London

Donald came into his office like a battleship in full steam.
“Willie, get your arse in here,” he called over his shoulder.
He dropped into the chair behind the desk as Willie came dashing through the door.
“Shut the door behind you.”
Willie closed the double doors, raising his eyebrows at Lenny as he did so. He wasn’t sure what the boss was all steamed up about but he was certain he was about to find out.
“What did you dig up on Harry Hart?”
Willie was Donald’s most trusted man. He had been with him for the past twenty years. Donald relied on him not only for the word on the street, but to dispose of any ‘inconveniences’ Donald may have. Willie had connections everywhere, not only in the criminal world but in the police and judiciary. Many considered Willie to be a lovable rogue, which proved a book should not be judged by its cover.
“Not much, boss. He’s as clean as they say. He’s never done anything illegal as far as I can tell. No vices. Occasional girlfriend but no one steady. No one in his life right now. He’s the average grey man in the street.”
“So why the hell does he want to deal with me now?”
“He does?”
“Damn, sorry Willie. I haven’t filled you in on the phone call and meeting.”
Donald spent the next five minutes bringing Willie up to date with the day’s proceedings.
“Well, if you ask me, boss, I’d say he knows full well the origin and he doesn’t want anyone asking too many questions.”
“You think?”
“Why else would he come to you? He can handle business on his own, but he has been known to share a deal with others.”
“Ach you’re probably right Willie. I’m being paranoid.”
“Better safe than sorry, boss.”
“Indeed, Willie, indeed. Which is why once this deal is over Mr Hart and I will be parting our ways, permanently, so to speak. I don’t want to be sharing the deal and I don’t want it biting my arse at a later date if you get my meaning.”
“You thinking of him going for a cruise on the Thames boss?”
“Details, Willie. As long as Harry Hart will not be a future problem then I’ll leave the details up to you.”

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