Glen R StansfieldGlen R Stansfield.

Born in Rossendale, in the Lancashire Pennines, I grew up  with a freedom and innocence I believe children no longer enjoy. They were magical times when play was a product of the imagination; when a tree trunk became a pirate ship, a stick was a sword: all done without the aid of electronics.

My early recollections of school are of a remarkable, but fairly strict headmaster, Marcus Dearden. He had an amazing ability to spot the enquiring mind, encourage and develop it. This is where my interest in writing started and was nurtured, but for many years I put it on the back burner to concentrate on other things.

In the mid-eighties, I started what would ultimately be my first novel, but abandoned it after one chapter. I returned to the work in 2012, using the original idea but starting from scratch.

My interest in crime,  particularly why some people are more willing than others to be criminals, led me to take a degree in psychology through the Open University.  I continued post graduate study in Forensic Psychology for two years. I often consult my psychology books when writing my novels.

I currently reside in Bahrain with my wife, Jess.  She is the one who has to suffer my incessant chatter about whatever piece I am working on, but without her I couldn’t do it.

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