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Fishing for Stones
1990. When Steve Hayling learns of a diamond deal taking place in the Scottish Highlands, he comes up with an audacious plan to steal them. He and his close friend, Andy Mannion, risk their lives to snatch the stones from under the noses of a London gangster and a Major from a rebel army. Close on their heels is DCI MacIntyre of the Grampian Police. What could possibly go wrong? Taking place against the backdrop of a country torn apart by civil war, and the beauty of the Scottish wilderness, the action reaches a surprising conclusion. There can only be one winner. Or can there?

A series of brutal attacks on homeless people takes a sinister turn. On the banks of Limehouse Cut canal in London, a body is found beneath the railway bridge. This time a beating has resulted in the death of an old man. It is not long before more bodies start to turn up on the streets of Tower Hamlets. Not homeless people this time, but drug dealers, muggers, burglars. It would seem anyone outside the law is no longer safe on the streets. The Met Police now have parallel investigations on their hands. Can they find those responsible for the attacks on the homeless, and who is responsible for killing those who live outside the law?
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