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Fishing for Stones by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novelsI came to writing novels relatively late in life.  It takes me about a year to write, edit and format each title. I prefer to be self-published rather than seek a publisher as I can retain full control over my product.

I design my own covers  using artwork from various sources, all of which is obtained legitimately, which I then modify and credit as required.

I edit as I go along, (a process which is frowned upon by many, but if it works for you then use it.)  Firstly, I read over what I have written, usually the following day. I then import the text into a fabulous program called Autocrit. The finished product is forwarded to my editor, Sue Noyes, who then casts herHarry by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels eagle eye over it, returning it to me with suggestions and corrections. Each chapter goes through this process a minimum of three times, and quite often more, before the manuscript is complete. The completed manuscript is then subjected to the same process for a final polish.

Once that is done, the manuscript is exported as a Word document, (I write using a program called Scrivener,) the interiors are then formatted using a guide produced by Jo Roderick, which has proved invaluable. Once this is done and as much stray code is removed as possible, I import the Word document into Adobe Acrobat to convert to a PDF file, which is the format my printers require, (the same PDF file is used to produce the eBook.) After reading through a proof copy of the final book, the go ahead is given to the printer and my book is available for sale.

Now you know how I go about writing novels, why not have a look at my titles and read an excerpt?

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Fishing for Stones by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels             Harry by Glen R Stansfield. How I go about writing novels

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